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For a long time, Amazon Kindle has been an excellent way for people to make some amazing passive income.

You write your book, you edit it and most times you will pay somebody to create a cover.
To you, that cover may look amazing.. and of course, if you ask your friends they will give you positive feedback as well, but that’s what friends have to do, right?

Which brings me to my major questions:

Where do you go to get feedback for your cover?

The cover is of course one of the most important features an E-Book can have, it’s the thing that your customers and future customers will scroll down the page to see, and if that cover is not visually appealing, chances are they may just continue scrolling.

This is where RateMyKindleCover.com comes in!

Here at RateMyKindleCover.com, you will have the opportunity to upload your book cover and allow anybody who visits this website to rate your book and comment their feedback. And do you want to know the best part?

– It’s 100% Free!.

So how do I get started?

Uploading your book cover is as simple as three easy steps:

1. Click “Upload My Book Cover” which will take you to the page that will allow you to upload your book.

2. Fill in your cover title, select your book categories and upload the image of your cover to our website.

3. Now that you have uploaded your book, be sure to give this website a like and share to facebook so everyone else can upload and review their books too!.

We will then review your upload to make sure there’s no naughty photos and proceed to put your cover onto our website which will then be free for anybody who visits the website to rate or comment their feedback on your cover.

It’s literally that simple!

So what else will this website have to offer?

We have so many exciting features planned for you in the near future including paid features which we will experiment with.
But for now, we want to keep it quite simple and easy and focus on building a regular user base.

The aim of this website will not only be to help you get a idea on how good your cover is, but also to help you promote your book and get more downloads.

And last of all – Feedback

RateMyKindleCover.com is reasonably new, so any feedback you have would contribute a lot into helping improve the website and give ideas for new features.

If you have any ideas or constructive feedback which could improve the website, you can contact me via this link here. Just fill in the form and press send.

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